A First

Today I took the boys for their first walk in the woods.  I’ve been avoiding the meandering paths behind our house because of all of the lingering ice and snow.  As we traipsed along I couldn’t help but think of the many walks Dave and I took and all of the talks that we had along the way.  This was probably our biggest time to connect in the day to day.  We discussed things big and small and, towards the end, things scary and heartbreaking.

It was so strange to be walking by myself with two different dogs tagging along.  But it was also peaceful.  Amazingly, somehow life really does go on.

I did have one funny memory pop into my head.  Dave read somewhere that bassets smell like corn chips.  So one day, while I was at the grocery, I grabbed and bag and texted him “Let’s test out that theory!”

Basset hounds do not smell like corn chips.




2 thoughts on “A First

  1. I feel it…my heart is telling me that Dave is so proud of you and the family, including Gunner & Ruffus. The adage applies in this adoption case for certain…who rescued who…
    Love what you did for these two boys, and love just as much what they’ve done for you Robyn 🐶😍🐶😍😢💜

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