Taking a Break

The kids and I are spending this Spring Break doing a mix of things we need to do (hello, disastrous pantry and weed infested garden) and things that we want to do.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with both Grant and Parker.  Grant and I did a college tour and all the while we were walking around he was making the most grossly inappropriate comments that were worthy of his father.  When Parker and I were driving into DC, she was pointing out things in the music we were listening to that I had never noticed.  She hears music just like her dad.  He will always be a part of the amazing people that they are.

Parker and I visited the Renwick Gallery.  The exhibit they are showing is called Wonder.  It  is quite spectacular in its elaborate simplicity.


I have also been spending some time reading through the cards and letters that we received after Dave died.  I didn’t have the strength to read many of them when they arrived, but when I came across the rubbermaid container filled with them during our spring sorting out, I decided to try.  It is beautiful to read the memories and thoughts people have of Dave.

I hope that the rest of this break is as peaceful as I feel today appreciating the opportunities and gifts that each day brings.  While a part of me will always feel regret that Dave didn’t get to enjoy many more of them, I know that I honor us both by trying to live my life with gratitude, honesty, openness and wonder.



PS This is in response to Cimba.  The boys are amazing.  They just want to snuggle and be loved.  And protect the house from passersby.



8 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Robyn,
    This may be your most beautiful entry yet. As I continue to learn from you, you continue to win the prize as my most insightful friend. I always read your posts before anything else in my inbox because each of them points me toward a possible a-ha moment for myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wisdom and your courage.
    Love, Nanabelle

  2. Robyn: I loved reading this and could so much relate. I got so many sympathy cards and didn’t have the strength to read them with all the lovely notes at the time of her death. Sitting down one day and reading them gave me such peace. Take care.

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