Powerful Words

Lately, I have been thinking about the power of words especially written ones.  A few examples –

  • I have been reading applications for Dave’s scholarship, and it has been demonstrated a few times that sometimes the author’s words may not be conveying the intended message.  I know that when I have been fuzzy in my own writing, it is made abundantly clear by the responses!


  • This afternoon I was reading an article in the William and Mary alumni magazine that shifted my view on Patton Oswalt who graduated the same year I did.  I met him at a freshman mixer where he was greeting people with a convincing Australian accent.  In fact, I think I asked others if they had met “the Australian guy”.   I think of him as a rather goofy, funny guy, but the interviewer did such a great job communicating the depth of Oswalt’s thinking that I now see him in a different light.  In fact, he reminds me of Grant (or maybe vice versa).


  • Last night a piece of writing was shared that brought me to tears.  It was written by a colleague and friend of Dave’s and was filled with funny references and memories. I think that I cried because it painted such a spot on picture of Dave.


  • Grant got a letter in the mail from Franck, Dave’s sister’s husband, and all around great guy.  He wrote it to Grant on his 18th birthday and connected with him in a way that was humorous and meaningful.  Dave and Grant had a huge bond over music, and it was very touching to see Franck continue the conversation.


  • Finally, I had the privilege of reading an email from one of last year’s scholarship recipients.  She wrote so beautifully about the trials and triumphs of her freshman year of college.  I was equal parts heartbroken for her and so very proud of her.  Those were some powerful words.


I have decided to put some words to paper myself and finally write some long overdue notes.  There were people who were so kind and helpful to Dave especially during the last months of his life.  I believe that they know how grateful we are, but I am not sure that I have ever said thank you.  Definitely time to remedy that.




6 thoughts on “Powerful Words

  1. Robyn, I always smile just seeing a notice that you’ve posted. I so enjoy reading your most eloquent words and the stories you tell. I didn’t know Dave, and have not met you in person, but love reading and hearing about the love you have for him and apparently had for one another.
    Thanks for sharing your stories…

  2. Hey, I am thinking about you ☺.

    That’s all. xx

    Melissa A Tochterman
    Assistant Principal
    Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences

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