Sadly, A Familiar Story

Shortly after Dave died, I connected with Erin.  Her husband, Pete, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer a few months earlier.  We have communicated periodically over the last few years.  Last night, I found out that Pete is in the final stages of his battle.  My heart is breaking for them all especially their three children.

I spoke to Erin last night, and she is dealing with so much now – disability paperwork, legal documents, not to mention supporting her kids and dealing with hospice. She also expressed concern over finances.  Like Dave, Pete is their primary breadwinner.  Erin is a teacher in the county.  Sound familiar?  You shouldn’t have to worry about money during this time but the reality is that it is scary and stressful.

I remember those last days.  One of which I spent dealing with the crappy social security office.  If I could go back, I would take those hours back and spend them with Dave as that turned out to be his last relatively normal day.  Erin shouldn’t have to worry about all of this.  She should just be able to focus on her husband and children.

While we can’t take care of the paperwork, we can help ease the worry about paying bills.  If you can, please consider supporting this family.  I am quite certain that any amount would help.




3 thoughts on “Sadly, A Familiar Story

  1. I am very sorry to hear another sad story so similar to your own. I still remember the story you posted about your experience in the Social Security Office. I pray that Erin is given grace by others as she takes care of all that she unfortunately must do.

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