Highs and Lows


When it was the five of us, we would gather around the dinner table and review our highs and lows of the day.  So in that spirit, I share my highs and lows of the week.

My low was definitely when I got the Wednesday morning text from Erin letting me know that Pete had died the previous night.  My heart broke for her and their children.  I selfishly also felt sorry for myself and my kids.  It isn’t possible for me to hear her story and not go back to June 16, 2014.  Parker and I were able to stop by later that day for a few minutes to give hugs and drop off a few things.  I was happy to see that she is being surrounded by friends and family.  (If you have the means, please consider contributing to their Go Fund Me account – link is in the previous post.  As a teacher and mother of three, I know that they will be able to use every penny that is sent their way.)

My high happened today.  Parker, Grant and I went to Hayfield to let the students who are receiving scholarships this year know.  I get a knot in my stomach any time I have to go to Hayfield but that was quickly erased by meeting these exceptional kids and spending a few minutes talking to them.  It was so rewarding to see their faces when we shared the reason for our visit.  We were also joined by some of my absolute favorite Hayfield folks.  I understand completely why Dave loved working there.  He was among some of the most positive, intelligent, humorous people around.  I am happy to report that the scholarship committee definitely made the right choices.  I am excited for these young people and the amazing futures they will have.

This was a week of extremes – the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  I feel like I could sleep for days.



PS In a VERY distant second place, my other high would have to be these clips.  C’mon now.



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