All Over the Map

Today has been an emotional roller coaster.

I started off my day on a high note.  A card was delivered through the pony (our internal mail system).  It was a thank you note from one of our scholarship recipients.  He expressed his gratitude but also shared some words of advice that Dave had imparted and that he has taken to heart.

“He said always to follow and lead with your strength but to work and build on your weakness so that it can also be your strength. That has not only helped me become a better leader but a better person as a whole.”

I love that.  The silver lining.

But the depressing news has been hitting ever since.  Prince.  A local firefighter who has been missing.  A 16 year old high school student in our county.  So much sad news.  Trying to hold onto the good.  Need to turn off the news.




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