Fighting the Fight


Sitting at a stoplight I was suddenly overwhelmed by heaviness and fatigue.  Getting home was an act of concentration and sheer will.  I am not sure what brought it on.  Maybe it’s –

  • Mother’s Day and thinking about Dave’s always unique gifts that let me know how much he was thinking about me and how I appreciated I was
  • June 16th looming in the horizon
  • Grant’s pending graduation and the idea that it is time to launch another kid into the world – this time on my own
  • The dismal weather that has settled over this area lately and is too slow in pushing off

Whatever the cause, I am fighting the good fight.  Today I mowed, paid bills, did laundry, ran errands.  Determination triumphed over hiding under the covers.



2 thoughts on “Fighting the Fight

  1. Love you, girl! Keep fighting the fight and being the most amazing mamma I know. xx

    Melissa A Tochterman
    Assistant Principal
    Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences

  2. Hiding under the covers seems tempting at times to me as well, but fighting the good fight and getting some things done helps. Thankfully today the sun is peeking through the clouds!

    I pray the upcoming events in your life will bring sweet celebrations even amidst the struggles. You ARE an amazing mom and woman, Robyn! Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and insights with us!

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