Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, like pretty much every other day, is a time for me to reflect on how lucky I am.  My kids are kind and smart and very funny.  They have a good time together and look out for one another.  More often than not, when we are all out running errands, they will fall back and walk behind me.  This means that, more often than not, when I turn around the three of them will be cracking themselves up with some ridiculous dance.

We’ve had an eventful spring.  Besides celebrating 18 and 21, Grant has also been knee deep in college applications and decision making.  (I tried to remain neutral, but if you know me, you know this was challenging!)  When he started the process his first choice was CNU which was just fine with me.  I found it comforting that he would go to a familiar place and that his sister would be nearby as he navigated his first year away from home.  But after he visited VCU, he didn’t have a clear favorite school anymore.  He had two.  Grant wrestled with the decision between CNU and VCU.  He talked it over with each of his sisters.  In the end, he said he just thought VCU was a better fit for him.  He had thoughtful reasons for his choice and although I think I was still holding out for the siblings to be together, I also think he made the right decision.

On this Mother’s Day, I am so grateful for these amazing people.  May they always look out for one another and turn to each other like they do now.



PS For All Night Grad Party, parents are asked to submit baby pics and current pics of our kids.  Here are Grant’s.


5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    • VCU is Virginia Commonwealth University. It is a big (31,000 students) public research university located in urban Richmond, VA. CNU (Christopher Newport University) is a much smaller (5,000 students) liberal arts university located in Newport News, VA. Both great schools but definitely very different environments.

  1. Hard to believe Grant was ever that tiny! Congratulations on his choice to attend VCU. We are so fortunate that our kiddos have so many great schools to choose from in Virginia.

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