When He’s Gone Again

I don’t dream about Dave very often, or if I do, I don’t remember it when I wake up.  Last week I had the most vivid dream.  Dave and I were hanging out with the most random assortment of people – from people I work with to people I hardly know.  We were in places that I didn’t recognize from real life.  A cafe.  A resort.  Throughout the dream, Dave seemed to be reminding me of days gone by.  Healthier, happier days.  Towards the end of the dream, Dave and I were sitting in the lobby of a hotel with his brother, Jeff.  We were waiting for “the guys” whom I thought were Jeff’s kids but would turn out to be my brother-in-law, Franck’s sons.  While we waited, Dave sat in a chair across from me trying to make me laugh.  I turned to Jeff and said, “It’s going to be so hard when he’s gone again.”  Jeff said, “Who?”

Dream Me was so shocked when I realized that in all the places we had been and all the people we had seen, no one else had been able to see Dave.  He was just there for me.  Dream Me thought back and realized that he hadn’t spoken the entire time but that somehow I had known what he was communicating.  Right before I woke up, I remember that I was in my room and Dave appeared.  He pulled up his t-shirt sleeve, flexed his arm and grinned at me.  This is definitely something that real life Dave did.  It seemed like he was reminding me of how strong he was.  (And he was so incredibly strong through the very end.)  I also felt like he was reminding me that I am strong too – that as I stand at this moment in time where I have fought off melancholy and where I face changes and challenges ahead, that I can do it.

That dream was so intense and so real that I was left a little shaken when I woke up.  I’ve been thinking about it for days and also reminding myself of the message within.



2 thoughts on “When He’s Gone Again

  1. Oh Robyn I am a true believer. I know you were shaken, but I really believe he’s with you. My lovely priest believes dreams are how our loved one communicate with us…..thank you again for sharing such a personal story….Lisa C.

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