A year ago, I sat in on an interview with a young first year teacher.  Her enthusiasm was contagious, and come fall, she had been hired and was on one of my teams.  Her first year has been a whirlwind of adjusting to teaching, getting married, moving, getting pregnant –  a lot of life’s firsts in just nine months.  Last Thursday, she went to the hospital to be induced.  Her team was concerned when we hadn’t heard from her, and my mind immediately went to “I hope the baby is okay”.  Turns out he is just fine.   A healthy baby boy.  But his sweet mama is not.  She died.

This beautiful young lady is gone.  It is impossible to comprehend.  She was just starting her life.  This is the same person who when I was having a rough day sent me an email to let me know how appreciated and loved I am.  And the next day when I got to work, she had left a cronut on my desk.  That led to further bonding over how friggin’ amazing cronuts are and how much we could talk about them.

If you are the praying/sending good vibes or positive thoughts type, maybe take a moment to send one out for her husband and their little boy.  I can’t even imagine the road ahead for them.

Our school is collecting donations to help her husband with expenses for the baby or the funeral or whatever he might need.  Let me know if you are interested in giving.



4 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your colleague and friend. I will certainly pray for her husband and baby boy. Thinking of you as well as the calendar turned to June today.

  2. OMG Robyn I just can’t believe what I just read. It’s true. When we think we are having a bad day we just need to think of that young husband and his baby. Their loss is just sooo very sad. Yes, they will be in my thoughts and prayers as you my friend at this terrible lost.

  3. It brings tears to my eyes that in the USA this lovely woman lost her life giving birth in a hospital. It is tragic any time someone dies especially someone who supposedly was in good health and getting prenatal care as well. I wonder if she had toxemia which would certainly be a reason to induce.
    I will certainly be praying not only for her husband and son and their families, but also for her medical team who must have had a terrible weekend trying to figure out what went so wrong that this sweet baby is now motherless and has a Daddy that is not only grieving the loss of his bride but wondering how he will be able to care for their son and make a living for them both as well as pay for unexpected hospital bills and a funeral. I pray he finds the strength and faith that he is capable to be the good Dad for his boyand that his friends and family will be able to pitch in and help him through the difficult times ahead. God Bless them All. And yes I wish to help them out financially . Mom

  4. Oh, Robyn,
    I can’t even fathom this terrible, terrible tragedy. And I am especially sad that you have experienced yet another loss. YES, I will pray for that young husband and father, YES I will pray that that precious baby boy will always know he had a very special mother, and YES I want to contribute to help ease the financial burden. Email me or post it in your blog. And, my friend, know that I will be sending a few silent wishes to you for the strength to face this latest challenge.

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