Fastening My Seatbelt

I may be in for a rough ride this week.  Yesterday Sam and I dropped Parker off at camp.  She is fine.  She is happy.  In fact, she has been looking forward to this since camp ended last year.  It may sound silly, but I already miss my girl.  And I am not the only one.  Grant spent the weekend at Super Smash Con with friends.  He was texting me from the event asking my opinion on things he might buy his little sister and as soon as he walked in the door last night he said, “I miss P Wiz.”  It is going to be tough on both of them when he isn’t here on a daily basis.

Today would have been/should have been Dave and my 24th anniversary.  24 years.  No small feat in this day and age.  Through good times and not so good times, we persevered.  Through sickness and in health.

Sam returns to school on Thursday, and I take Grant to VCU on Saturday for move in day.  Since I can’t be in two places at one time, Sam will pick Parker up from camp and bring her to Richmond.  That way Parker can see Grant and where he will be living and the four of us can spend some time together.  The kids want to celebrate my birthday a few days early too.

So, although my heart is feeling a little heavy at the moment, I am also so thankful for three of the absolute best people I know.  They are strong.  Resilient.  Loving.  Kind.  Brave.  I am a proud and lucky mama.




7 thoughts on “Fastening My Seatbelt

  1. What a great beach photo. Parker looks so grown up! Praying Parker has a great week at camp. It is a hot one. Safe travels on 95, 295 and 64. We will probably pass on opposite sides on our way to W&M:-). I predict Grant will know everyone on the floor within an hour!

  2. What goes around comes around! Your kids look great in the picture and the people they are is the result of the love and hard work you and Dave put into your family. There is no adult in the world I enjoy being with more than our son Matt. I’m glad the Tremaine trio is the same for you. Good luck on launching Grant at VCU. I know he’ll do you proud.


  3. Robyn You and Dave did a great job raising those beautiful kids. They make you proud I’m sure BUT you my friend have made them proud I’m sure in how you have weathered the past months on your own. You deserve a HUG from all of your friends and family. Best wishes for a GREAT year for you and the kids. Remember they are only a text away!

  4. They are that you describe and more. You and Dave did a wonderful job with them and you continue to be their Rock and the example we all wish to emulate. Love you sweetie. Know this week is really filled with bumps and firsts but know you will get through it with a smile on your face even though there will be sad times in your heart as well . We are so proud of all four of you.

  5. You’re especially in my thoughts this week, Robyn. Love this photo of your children, reading your thoughts and absorbing the encouraging words of friends and family. Take in the joys of this week amidst the heavy moments. Your children are onto amazing adventures knowing how much you love them…and you, my friend, continue to amaze me. *hug*

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