Why I Vote…

I voted today.  I didn’t “hold my nose and vote” or “pick the lesser of two evils”.  I certainly didn’t cast my precious vote for a candidate who realistically has no chance of winning this election.  My kids deserve better than that.

I respected the system that we have and considered the two candidates that the people have chosen to represent our two parties.  I voted for the candidate whose ideas and plans more closely align to what I think is important.  I voted for the candidate I trust to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court with the possibility of more to come.  I voted because I care about my kids’ futures.  They deserve the best.

My kids have had a challenging time, though less difficult than some but more so than many.  They face their future without their dad.  I want everything in the world for them especially a life as free from worry and full of joy as possible. I read something this week that really hit home for me.  It was written by a woman who has been widowed for some time.

“I wish you knew how badly I will always hurt for our kids.  It never goes away; it’s a forever part of who I am.” One Fit Widow

So for my part, I try to provide them with experiences and opportunities to enrich their lives.  I try to support them in all that they do.  I pray that their lives will be full and rich.  And I vote.




7 thoughts on “Why I Vote…

  1. You make Dad and I proud each and every day. By the way, our country would so lucky to have you in any important office and I would be first in line to cast my vote for you! XO

  2. It’s funny you mention casting your precious vote for a candidate who realistically had no chance of winning. I thought the same thing and actually told my daughters that I would vote as I am registered but realistically felt that my vote wouldn’t count. BUT IT DID! And I think the American people are all concerned about their futures and their kids futures. We have to do our best for our future generations. Also, I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about how you and your kids are doing. What a wonderful mom you are – thank you for always sharing your honest thoughts….

  3. The highlight of Election Day for me? Getting time to catch up with you while standing in line to vote! A second highlight is the blessing to live in a country where we have the privilege to vote without fear. Your last paragraph is especially touching, Robyn. Thanks so much for continuing to share your thoughts with us.

  4. Well said Robyn. No matter who you voted for it’s time to work together and be the great America that we are! Our kids and grandchildren desire the very best for their future.

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