Happy Birthday, Babe.


Happy Birthday, Babe.  How I wish you were here.  This picture cracks me up.  I don’t forget how tall you were.  This just illustrates it perfectly – me on tip toe and you bending at the knee and there is still a pretty big difference between us.  I miss tucking under your arm for a hug.

So much has happened since you have been gone.  Good things like honor rolls and dean’s lists, volunteering and other kid milestones.  There have been some not so great things too.  You would be apoplectic about the election results, but you wouldn’t have been surprised.  We disagreed about the make up and wants of this country, but it turns out you were right.  Completely.

I miss our inside jokes, the ridiculous nicknames, Saturday morning breakfast and sharing the newspaper.  I miss you.  Love you always.



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Babe.

  1. Happy birthday Dave. Since there is a birthday here in Texas today too I wish both of you the best but then Dave you are already there. Hopefully we will have Joe(Robyn’s cousin’s husband in Texas) for a while yet. Robyn I cry when I read this huge hugs to you and the children
    Aunt Carolyn

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