Giving Tuesday

I put my money where my mouth (or at least my keyboard) is and made donations to both organizations today.  I will do another round of giving at the end of the year.  No matter where you contribute, support something that feeds your spirit.  If you can’t give money, give time.  It feels great.  I promise.



Now that you have had your fill of turkey and found all kinds of great deals, I would like to do my yearly donations pitch. Many of you make donations on Giving Tuesday or do year end contributions. Here are 2 places worthy of consideration.

David S Tremaine Memorial Scholarship – in 2 years we have been able to award 11 renewable scholarships with plans to give out more in the spring. Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE so it really is a win-win. Donations can be made through
You will be mailed a receipt for your taxes and will also have my undying gratitude when they email me and tell me you donated!

Camp Kesem William and Mary – you have already seen and heard about this incredible camp and what it has done for Parker. There are chapters all across the country and I know all of them would appreciate your support. Again, all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Thanks in advance for considering these very worthy causes when making your donations this year! xo

#campkesem_wm #collegeaccessfairfax #givingtuesday

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