Gazing Back, Looking Forward

It’s raining outside, and I am home doing some things around the house.  Andrea Bocelli is singing in the background so I think the scene is pretty ripe for reflection and introspection.

On Saturday, Sam graduates from CNU.  I believe that she has had a very successful four years – academically, socially, and through her volunteer work.  I couldn’t be prouder. As I think about her next steps, I can’t help but think of where she has been.

Sam was due on April 17th but was born 15 days later.  Even then it wasn’t her idea but rather the intervention of my medical team.  We have always joked that even before day one she did things in her own time.  She arrived with that independent spirit.  Sam had her first diagnosed break at just short of ten months old, but it would take several more to diagnosis the OI and several decades to solidify the type (V).

Sam’s strong spirit has served her well so far.  She has dealt with probably close to 30 broken bones at this point.  She has persevered before, during, and after Dave’s death.  She has also managed the regular trials and tribulations that come with just growing up.  I don’t know anyone who could manage all that she has as well as she has.

Saturday marks a big milestone.  The end of her undergraduate studies and the beginning of what is to come.  Her next steps didn’t exactly shake out how she had imagined but not much in life does.  She will start her new job Monday, and I am confident that she will continue to learn and grow as this job serves as the first step towards her future.  I can’t wait to watch her story unfold.

To my smart, beautiful, funny, compassionate, hard-working first born child – I feel very lucky to be your mom and so fortunate to also be your friend.




2 thoughts on “Gazing Back, Looking Forward

  1. Had no idea about Sam having OI…Wow!! What an amazing and strong young woman! The biggest CONGRATULATIONS to her on her graduation – what a tremendous accomplishment!! So good to hear from you Robyn…. thoughts and prayers to all!!!

  2. Congrats to both Samantha and you her incredible Mom ! You BOTH have lots to be proud of ! Much success in your future endeavors Samantha 🙂

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