Kid to Kid Care Packages

I mentioned a month or so ago that Parker was doing a passion project for school.  This has been a school year long endeavor.  Each student picks a topic they are passionate about and comes up with a project centered around that topic.   Parker decided to create care packages for kids who have a parent with cancer.  She has read a different book each quarter written about kids coping with their parent’s cancer and death.  There is a surprising shortage of books that are actually age appropriate for her.  Most are for much younger or much older kids.  Last quarter she tackled the fundraising and this nine weeks she is dealing with the packaging and distribution.

Her first batch is ready to go.  They will be distributed by Dave’s oncologist at his large cancer center nearby.  She raised enough funds for several more batches so we will be calling in the reinforcements to help box those up!

Love the school for having the kids stretch their thinking in this way.  Love this kiddo for all of her hard work in making it happen.





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