Cutting Edge Medicine

Dave’s regular oncologist ordered a relatively new test for him.  Basically a biopsy sample is sent off to a company called Foundation One.  They look at the specimen for genomic alterations which may help identify therapies to which your cancer might respond.  Apparently the test is quite expensive and likely be declined by our insurance.  Dave’s oncologist assures us that this will not be an issue.  

Dave’s results came back –

6 genomic alterations

3 therapies associated with potential clinical benefits

8 clinical trials

The three therapies with potential benefits are not FDA approved for metastatic colon cancer but are approved for other tumor types.  There are 8 clinical trials available in phases 1 and 2 currently.  Only one of them is geographically close to us.  So, is this expensive test worth doing?  I think so.  Having options is a very good thing.  When we have talked to other about this test, the words “cutting edge medicine” inevitably come up.  While I appreciate being on the cutting edge, I just wish it was a little further along.