5 Things From This Week

1. The weather has been (to quote a friend) “hellfire hot”!

2. The IM swim meet was roughly five hours long Wednesday night in said heat.  Both Parker and Grant swam slower than their best, but who cares.  I just wanted to get back into some AC!

3. Dave’s procedure went as well as it possibly could have on Tuesday.  Mapping was successful, and they can indeed attack both sides of the liver at once on August 1st.  He will experience “flu like” symptoms for a few weeks but much better than having to go through it twice. 

4.  I’ve been enjoying spending as much time as possible with my oldest child.  Yesterday we bobbed around in the pool for a few hours chatting about random topics.  She said she isn’t ready to leave for school in a month.  I wanted to say I wasn’t ready for her to go either, but instead told her that in a month she might be.  I’m glad that she has wanted to hang out with her dear old mom this summer.  (At least during daylight hours, evenings she is off with friends!)

5.  Here is the layout of her dorm suite.  Not bad at all.  MUCH nicer than my accommodations freshman year!