Dr. Spira started the conversation with “Dave your scan looks okay.”  I would have preferred “fantastic” or “miraculous”, but I guess I’ll make do with “okay”.  Basically, the three lung lesions have increased in size very slightly – we’re talking millimeters of change.  Four of the tumors they have been keeping track of in his liver have also increased a bit.  One went from 1.0 cm to 1.4cm so nothing earth shattering but not in the direction we want things heading.  Dr. Spira said that he is not “overly” worried but this just means that we should continue to keep a close eye on things.  He said it doesn’t mean “that the chemo has stopped working”.  His recommendation was that Dave continue with his current treatment plan.  

The low thyroid is likely caused by the chemotherapy so they will continue to monitor it when he has his labs done at the office every two weeks.  The high liver function blood work didn’t alarm him at all.  Apparently this is something they also monitor when Dave has his labs done.  The slight increase in his CEA level could also be due to a variety of factors. 

The good thing about going with Dave to his doctor’s appointment is that he confesses things that he might not otherwise mention.  He has been having pain in his right side and was concerned it might be cancer related.  He hadn’t mentioned this to me prior to the appointment.  Dr. Spira reassured him that there was nothing on the scan that would cause that pain and that it is more than likely a muscle strain.

I mentioned previously that Dave was having some issues with his nether regions.  Turns out he has some kind of internal abscess which will have to be surgically removed after Christmas.  So, that means he is taking a chemo break at least for a little while.  Dave is looking forward to some time off from chemo.  I am concerned at the timing, but as with this entire journey so far, there isn’t a decision to be made.  He has to have the abscess removed because it is infected.  There is one path so that is the one we are one.