Facebook Tells Half the Story

ImageWhen I have a quiet moment, my mind keeps returning to the idea of the how we present ourselves to the outside world.  Facebook tells half the story.  At least for me, that is true.  My Facebook page is full of fun pictures of good times with the kids or of us on holiday.  There is the occasional political jab usually in regards to gun control or an anecdote about work.  I don’t believe I have ever talked about Dave’s cancer on Facebook mostly because my teenagers also have accounts, and it just doesn’t seem appropriate. I have a Twitter account but don’t tweet.  I have Instagram but only use it for my own photo editing.  So many ways to communicate and yet what is really being said?

Even in person we don different masks.  When someone asks how Dave is, I gauge my response depending on who is asking.  If it is someone who seems to genuinely want to hear all the details, I try to honor that.  If it is a casual inquiry, then I put on my “everything is great!” face.  With the kids (my own and my students), naturally different masks go on.  There is the “I am having a crappy day but you will never know it” or the “I am nagging you about homework when secretly I think that homework is a bunch of BS”. Recent events have me wondering how we can see beyond some of these veils.

I am thankful to have a place to take off my mask and reveal the good and the not so good.  Sometimes I wonder if I am being too honest, but mostly I am just grateful that I have this space to reveal the raw emotions that usually get hidden.  I wish everyone had a safe place in which to be 100% themselves so we could know how to take care of each other better.