Learning Curve

ImageWe moved a chair up into our bedroom so that Dave would have comfortable place to sit while he was recuperating from his SirSpheres procedure.  So on many many nights as I have navigated through the dark room to get to bed, I have run into this new addition.  I have multiple bruises on my left thigh to prove it.  Obviously my learning curve can be a little on the gradual side.

Dave has a friend whom I can’t stand.  This friend is selfish, egotistical, needy, and misguided.  She likes to repeatedly boast about how “helpful” she has been to Dave during his time of illness.  I can’t honestly think of one helpful thing this person has done in the last two years and twenty-two days.  She has, however, caused stress and unrest in my marriage and family – Samantha would kick this person in the shins, if she came into contact with her. (And there would be a massive line of my friends behind Sam waiting to do the same.)  Dave talks about this person as being a good friend but honestly I think your friends are the ones who wouldn’t want to create the kind of negative vortex that this person does.  She needs to be needed.  She clearly lacks in friendships and fulfillment in her own life.  I tried to be open to this person.  I tried to honor Dave’s friendship and be accepting. I tried to talk honestly with this person.  But this person lacks the morals and integrity to be productively engaged in rational discussion.

So, although my learning curve has been ever so gradual over the last two years and twenty-two days (and I have the figurative bruises to prove it), I am eliminating this negative energy from my life once and for all.  I had a lot on my plate this summer with Sam’s surgery, Dave’s procedure and Sam leaving for school.  I realized that I spent far too much energy on this person.  She didn’t deserve all that time.

Now, if I could only figure out a way to stop bumping into that darn chair…