We Interrupt all this Gratitude with an Update

Dave had a scan this morning.  The first report sounded like this –

Just looked—-
The liver looks better, the lung is essentially the same—some lesions are a mm bigger or two (very small) in the lung, but essentially background noise-ill take it.   I think its slowing it down and happy with it as is……

One thing we can talk about ias potentially adding back in irinotecan to vectibix or erbitux. It can increase the side effects a little as you can imagine has more side efffects. I mentioned that way back when and wanted to see where we were in terms of tolerablility after all you’ve been throgugh

We can talk more details when I see you next, but happy with the scan.

And as is typically the case, when we read the actual report, questions arose.


1. Overall mixed response.

2. There has been increase in size of multiple pulmonary nodules and 2 new pulmonary nodules are present as detailed above.

3. Each of the previously noted liver lesions has decreased slightly in size and no new lesions are present.

So, when Dave meets with his oncologist again, he will decide whether to add back the previously used chemo drug into the mix.  Not terrible news but not as positive as we had hoped.