ImageMy friend, May, sent me a link to this article http://www.dailygood.org/view.php?sid=378.   There were several ideas which really resonated with me.  The author writes about his experience with cancer “Blinded, dazed, I became a prisoner of my calendar, confined to the dates and times of examinations and appointments. I looked out at the world through the bars of laboratory tests. Blood. Fluids. Counts. Indices of all manner and description. Scanners. Scopes. Probes. I’d become some new planet, upon which all manner of instruments and optics were brought to bear, transmitting back the encrypted reports of my newly discovered life-form.”  As I read it, I realized that despite our efforts to the contrary, we do spend an awful lot of time living that way.

Another idea that he talks about is how not matter how high our highs or low our lows, we all have a level of happiness to which we rebound.  I think this is true too.  I am grateful that I was born with a pretty high natural threshold for happiness.  So was Dave.  It is what keeps us afloat.  Even our lowest of lows are temporary because we know our natural happiness is just around the corner.  I find that comforting.

At the end of the article, he talks about ways you can pursue happiness.  There are some nice ideas.  So if you get something seemingly random in your mailbox, you will now know why.