House Call


Dave heard from his doctor at Johns Hopkins yesterday.  She called to let him know that he was officially out of the trial.  This makes sense because it clearly wasn’t working.  She took time to answer questions that Dave had about his scan and let him know that they may have some trials for him.

Today we met with Dave’s local oncologist.  He told us about a phase II trial that is available to Dave based on the genomic testing that he had done previously.  That testing showed that Dave’s tumor has a P13K activated pathway.  This pathway is known to be involved in cell growth and tumor survival.  The trial drug is being tested to see if it will block the activity on that pathway.  (At least I think that is what it all means.)  We also talked about radiation treatment.  This would be done as a palliative measure if Dave has pain from his tumors.  I asked about conventional approved treatment options.  Dr. S. told us we were essentially out of those.  There is one FDA approved drug that Dave hasn’t tried but Dr. S. said he was “underwhelmed” by its efficacy and felt that only one of his patients had seen any benefit from it.  So, we are back on the drug trial train.

After the appointment, Dave went home to lie down and I went to pick Parker up from play rehearsal and hit the grocery store.  While I was out, Dave got a phone call from Dr. S.  It turns out that the trial was closing to new colon cancer patients tonight.  So, in order for a spot to be available for Dave, the consent forms had to be signed.  Tonight.  So, Dr. S. made a house call.  He came over to our house on his way home from work.  He told Dave he has NEVER done that before.  I am relieved to be back in the care of Virginia Cancer Specialists.  I appreciate all that Hopkins tried to do for Dave, but I am grateful for the organization, short wait times and, most importantly, personalized care that Dave gets here.