Day #26 – New Phone

Today I am grateful for my new phone.  It’s the one on the left in case you were wondering.


I’ve had my old phone for about three years.  It didn’t always look like that.  At first, it was shiny and lovely too.  One fateful summer day, while sitting by the pool, I dropped it.  Face down.  On a rock.  And it looked bad.  But I wasn’t due for an upgrade so I made do.  (A year later I dropped it again while walking the dogs which is how the metal part came to be exposed.)  Anyway, a few months later, I was okay to upgrade my phone but it was Christmas time and phones are expensive even with the “discounted” price.  I justified waiting because we were focusing our spending elsewhere.  Then I started to hear rumors of a new iphone coming out.  So, I decided I would wait and see what that one was like.  The release date came and went and still I carried my pitiful phone.  I confidently told Dave that I just knew the NEXT iphone would be in fun colors and then I would finally upgrade.  Wouldn’t you know it?  They did put out colorful phones this fall but I didn’t really like them.  Having waited for so long, I decided that I would get the new 5S but it HAD to be the champagne colored one.  Of course, those sold out right away, and I am not a “stand in line for hours waiting for the newest technology” kind of gal.  Today, as I was passing the Verizon store I decided to pop in and see if they had one.  And now I finally have a new phone.  (What’s that?  You can’t tell that it is champagne colored because the case is covering the entire thing?  Hmmm…..yea…..)  I am grateful that I don’t risk glass splinters now when texting and the buttons actually respond when you push them.  I’d like to say that next time I won’t wait so long, but I probably will.  : )