Conflicting Information

We met with an interventional radiologist who is affiliated with Fairfax Hospital.  He works with a radiation oncologist and can perform the Y90 or Sirispheres procedure.  As thorough as we thought the doctor from Reston was, we learned even more information yesterday.  Some of it was contrary to what we had been told on Monday.  This doctor says that chemoembolization is not an appropriate treatment option as its success has been in primary liver cancers not metastatic colon cancer.  He also says that Dave cannot be on Vectibix concurrent with the radiation treatment.  In addition, the “keeping your distance” after treatment is unnecessary.  One of the bigger pieces of information we gained was that both sides of Dave’s liver would have to be treated.  The Reston doctor said that Dave’s lesions were contained to the bigger right side.  Yesterday we learned that there a tumor on the left side which is very close but much deeper to the site where the resection surgery was done.  So, Dave will meet with the radiation oncologist Monday morning, and we will start scheduling the procedures from there.  Once again, when we think there might be a decision to be made, there really is only one path and we know we should be taking it.

I just dropped Dave off at the airport.  He is flying to Chicago to meet up with his dad, uncle and brother for a Tremaine men’s weekend.  They will be cheering on the Blackhawks at game 5 Saturday night.  Very thankful that Dave has this opportunity and that the men in his family have made this weekend happen for him.