5 Things From the Past Week


1. PROM!  What a fun evening.  The kids all looked great.  They opted for ordering food in so they could hang out and enjoy being together.  I took Samantha and two of the guys for pedicures earlier in the day.  Then Samantha headed off to FLOW, a blow dry bar, that just opened up near us.  She came home and declared her hair “kind of like Honey Boo Boo’s”!  After prom, some of the kids headed back to our house for more food and chilling out.

2. I reapplied for my exact same job.  Since I am on a one year contract that is contingent on Title I funding, my position has to be written into the budget and approved each year.  And because I work for such a huge bureaucratic machine, there is no “one year renewal”.  They actually let me go, and then I had to reapply which means updating my resume and filling out the online application.  Seems overly complicated to be honest, but I am thankful for a job that I love.

3. A wonderful Mother’s Day.  It started with Parker and Dave doing some planting and a basket of goodies.  Then we met Mom and Dad for a yummy brunch.  I talked the girls into watching a movie with me, and they couldn’t say no because it was MY day!

4. Flash and Tony are back.  They are our red footed tortoises who winter at Dave’s school.  Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, they are back enjoying the backyard.  I wonder if they will eat the 17 year cicadas that are supposed to arrive any day now.

5. The dogs and my plant are enjoying the deck.