Spongebob, Gratitude and Assorted Thoughts


November seems to be a month for reflection.  I notice on Facebook that a lot of people write one thing they are grateful for each day throughout the month.  I think that it is important to set some time aside to examine and count your blessings.  What I have learned in the last 15 months and 17 days is how to be more appreciative and more grateful.  It is not that I didn’t think I was doing okay in that regard, but I had some room for growth.  For every favor, request, plea that I send heavenward, I now send up an equal if not greater number of thank yous.  I am far less critical – well, except when it comes to Grant’s missing school work but that is another story.  I am far more accepting of people warts and all.  That’s not to say there aren’t issues that get under my skin.  (Don’t get me started on all the data/testing in our schools or teachers who seem to want to be elsewhere.)  But, overall, I see the good in people and understand that they “are who they are”.  I am driven to spend family time and enjoy the little moments as much as possible.  It is not that I am fatalistic; I have just learned a new better way for me to live.  At the end of the day, I want to be able to say that I knew what was important and I spent my time focused on those things – family, friends, making a difference, laughing, learning.

I am thankful that in our house it is considered a challenge to go an entire day without quoting Spongebob.  Communication with teens is not always the easiest thing in the world but in our house we all speak a common language which usually involves Spongebob, Family Guy and assorted movies.  I would give you an example, but I am trying to win the challenge Samantha laid down this morning….

Happy Thanksgiving.