So not everything during the weekend was gut wrenching.  We definitely had some laughter through all the tears.  Saturday night after dinner there was a “Social Gathering”.  This was in the form of the Newlywed Game.  Dave and I represented and brought home a victory for Team Tremaine.  We actually got 12 out of 16 answers correct.  Not bad.

One of the questions was “What will your wife say is the first thing that attracted you to her.”  D. replied, “Her looks.”  His wife was unimpressed with this answer as it obviously wasn’t what she had written down.  So he changed it to “Her McDonald’s bag.”  K. who was the youngest member in our group and recently engaged, leaned over to D. and said, “What are you doing, man?  You should have stuck with her looks!”

Some of the answers we got right were:

What will your wife say is her least favorite piece of your clothing?  Barry Manilow t-shirt

What candy best describes your first encounter?  Hot Tamales

What is your wife’s favorite store?  LOFT

Who is the worst driver?  Dave

Who is stronger?  Dave said me.  And I knew he would say me.