The Real World


There used to be a show on MTV called The Real World.  The tag line was something like “When people stop being polite, and start getting real.”  One of the positive things that happened over the retreat, is that it allowed me to get a little bit real with Dave.  I have kept many of my thoughts and worries to myself because I haven’t wanted to burden him.  But it was good to be able to talk to him and share my perspective and some of what I am thinking and feeling too.  Another positive was that many of the “experts” shared how vital it is to healing to let go of the small stuff and free up your mind.  The session on meditation was actually very valuable for both of us but especially Dave since he has a hard time shutting down all the ideas and worries bouncing around in his head.  Overall, I am glad that we went.  The sessions that I dreaded the most turned out to be relatively anxiety free.  The ones that I didn’t dread at all were the sucker punches to the gut.  Just goes to show that there isn’t much point in worrying because you worry about the wrong stuff anyway.

I never want to do a retreat like that again.