The Perfect Storm


Dave heads down to South Carolina tomorrow.  His college roommate, Jan, is flying in from Sweden with his family to visit.  They will catch up with other college buddies and take in a concert (another friend will be performing) in Charleston.  The kids and I will head down Monday after our weekend of parties, plays, tennis and SAT prep.  The only hiccup in the plan is the impending storm heading our way.  It is being dubbed “The Storm of the Century” or “The Perfect Storm” or even “Frankenstorm”.  I really hope it is going to fade away or head out to sea.  Better yet, let it be one of those overhyped much ado about nothing weather events.

I am also keeping my fingers crossed that we all remain healthy.  There are some not so fun germs going around.  In fact, half of Parker’s class was absent today.  12 kids.  I’d like to think they are all on holiday or celebrating Eid, but I am afraid that probably isn’t the case.

Looking forward to spending next week hearing people reminisce about all the craziness that happened at USC in the late 80s.  (These people are SO much older than me!)  Also, looking forward to letting my brain take a vacation from stress and worry.  It is going to be great!!