Hello, 5AM (alternative title: Be Quiet Brain)

ImageMost mornings I wake up at 5AM give or take a few minutes.  The cause might be a dog whining to go out, or Dave shuffling around.  There is a critical moment (I know you know what I am talking about) when I can either shut off my brain or a tiny worry plants itself and won’t let go.  Lots of mornings I hush up my brain and send stressful thoughts packing.  But on lots of mornings, that first thought about Dave’s health or Sammi heading off to school or money or stuff that needs to get done starts the snowball effect of other worries.  It is THE WORST.  Tomorrow we head to South Carolina where I sleep soundly and can keep stress at bay.  Which is perfect timing because Dave has a scan on Tuesday.  And depending on what that scan reveals, he would really like to take a break from chemo for a bit.  While I understand that he wants and definitely needs a break, this induces panic in me on so many levels.  I’ll check back in with you all on Tuesday.  In the meantime, if you are up in the wee hours, I’ll be up.  We can play Words with Friends.  : )